Follow the links to see what activities you can participate in at theĀ various Northern College locationsĀ as we celebrate and learn about Indigenous culture. One of the primary objectives of Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Week is the opportunity to educate people on Indigenous issues and to dispel myths and stereotypes about Aboriginal peoples. Everyone is invited to participate. Aboriginal Awareness Week is another chance for Aboriginal people to celebrate and show the world the uniqueness and the beauty that lies within the many nations.

2014 Poster Kirkland Lake

2014 Poster Haileybury

2014 Poster Moosonee

2014 Poster Timmins


Northern College recognizes the importance of education in improving the lifelong opportunities for Aboriginal people and stives to support the success of Aboriginal students. Northern College encourages all students who consider themselves to be related to, or decended from the Original peoples of Canada to voluntarily declare their Aboriginal ancestry. Read about why it is important to self-identify in the new policy, Voluntary Self Identification for Aboriginal Students.

F-5 Voluntary Self Identifiction for Aboriginal Students.docx

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